Healing With YouThrive Floral Essences

YouThrive Christmas Gift Bag ideas

Create your own YouThrive Christmas Gift Bag from our range of :-

Flower Essences, Sweet Slumber, Soothing Ginger and Natures Zinger Organic 

Herbal Teas, Tespots, Happy Beekeeping raw Manuka and Bush Honey.

Take the stress out of Christmas - YouThrive Holistic Products the easy way to feel good

Family Support Plus Floral Essences $35.00

Family Support Floral Essences $28.75

Rescue Me Floral Essences $12.00

Sweet Slumber Herbal Tea Lemongrass and Peppermint $6.00 (15 cups) 

Soothing Ginger Herbal Tea $6.00 (10 cups)

Natures Zinger Herbal Tea Ginger and Lemon $7.00 (10 cups)

Teapots $10.00

Rescue Me - Blended to work together with Happy Beekeeping Manuka & Bush Honey

YouThrive and Happy Beekeeping Honey combine natures floral gifts to create this special blend of Rescue Me Flower Essences which works in conjunction with the pure healing properties of raw Manuka and Bush Honey taken together to give you added health benefits. 

YouThrive - The easy way to feel good 

Pleasant-tasting stress reliever drops to relax, focus and calmBusy Minds, Irritability, Stress, Personal Crisis & Panic Attacks.                

Raw Happy Beekeeping honey helps with everything from low energy to sleep problems to seasonal allergies and may even help weight-loss efforts when compared to diets containing sugar or high fructose corn syrup.

A perfect accompaniment our organic herbal tea blends - Sweet Slumber, Soothing Ginger & Natures Zinger.

25 ml Essences

100 g Honey

$24.00 for set


Family Support - Confidence in a bottle!


 YouThrive Family Support and Family Support Plus is the easy way to feel good

Are you stressed to the max and running on empty? 

Are your kids pushing your limits as well as their own? 

We recommend a bottle of Family Support

A much stronger and more comprehensive version of Rescue Remedy. 

Easy to take, pleasant~tasting, calming, natural drops, for Professionals, Mum, Dad, the kids and grandparents. 

Keep always on hand at home, in your bag, water bottle or car to help you and your loved ones cope with : 

Stress ~ Anxiety ~ Lack of Confidence ~ Loneliness ~ Shyness ~ Low Self Esteem 

Anger Issues ~ Jealousy ~Tantrums ~ Sibling Rivalry ~ Shock~ Sadness ~Exam Stress. 

Confidence in a bottle!

For orders 

Phone  (09) 817 9810 / Eunice 027 478 8123  

Email info@youthrive.co.nz

30 ml Bottle $28.75 

10 ml Bottle 17.25.            SOLD OUT

Family Support Plus

30 ml $35.00

Helps with all the same issues as Family Support and includes essences for Emotional Depression and Grief.

P&P $6.00 Local Delivery                                                      

All prices are in New Zealand Dollars.

Payment direct credit / personal cheques / cash.

Family Support or Personalised Blends


How do the remedies actually work?

Most believe the active ingredient in the remedies is a kind of energy or vibration that is transferred from the living flower to the water during the process of making the mother tinctures. Some believe the energy forms a pattern in the water; others talk of quantum mechanics and spiritual vibrations. Attempts to capture this energy have produced beautiful Kirlian photographs showing distinct patterns and colours for different remedies - but little hard research has been done. Any firm conclusions are just speculation.  The real proof that these flower energies exist, however, is the effect they have on people.

 "Taking Mimulus when we are afraid is just a more specific form of the emotional reaction we feel when we listen to Beethoven or gaze up at the stars. Healing with the clean, pure, beautiful agents of nature is surely the one method of all which appeals to most of us. 

Wonderful as it may seem, relieve your patient of the mood or moods such as are given in this system of healing, and your patient is better"

- Dr Edward Bach, 1936

"...the thirty-eight herbs heal gently and surely, and as there are no poisonous plants amongst them there is no fear of ill effects from overdoses or incorrect prescriptions."

- Nora Weeks, The Medical Discoveries of Edward Bach, Physician

* Photograph of Mimulus flower