I went to Eunice for a reading as I hadn't had one in a while.  Her style is very different from the clairvoyants I have been to in the past. She concentrated on working with my guides and what they wanted to explain to me, which was that I had lost myself in everyday life and it was time to start thinking about what I truly wanted out of life.  Through patience and the clarity of information coming through I am now looking at my life differently.  It was very valuable experience and one that I did not expect. She also prescribed a Bach Flower remedy to help with my self confidence.

Thank you Eunice for bringing through the messages for helping me to understand myself and where to from here. I'm feeling great and the remedy has given me my confidence back.  

Life without fear and shyness - Yay!


My husband passed away several years ago and yet I felt his presence around me all the time. I knew it was time to let go, but didn't know how.  I contacted Eunice about other things going on in my life and I was most surprised when out of the blue my husband came through.  Prior to that moment I hadn't mentioned anything about my husband to Eunice.  I discussed unfinished business with him and through tears I said my good byes.  Eunice gently helped him go to the light and I instantly felt relief and a lightness around me.  Like a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders.  I still talk to my husband, but he doesn't feel the need to stay close all the time now.

I'm finally living my life for me again.

Thank you.

Rose x  

I decided to have a psychic party and got together with a group of girlfriends at my house.  Eunice and Sue came over and we had a great night!  Everyone got a reading and we also learned who our guides are and how to talk to them.  Awesome!  Thanks Ladies Karen x

Eunice came into my shop and was browsing. She asked if we had just opened as she hadn't noticed the shop being here before.  I told we had only been open a couple of months. As it was quiet we got chatting.  As she was about to leave, she came back to the counter and told me that she was a clairvoyant and that she had a message for me, and would I be open to hearing it. Now, I'm not really into the new age thing but I said I was ok with it.  She told me some things that she couldn't have known about my present situation and how to move forward.  Thanks!  Really appreciated it!  

Adrian :)

More testimonials available on request.