A Personal Journey


"Although I come from a family of psychics, I was proud to call myself a sceptic. 

In the 80's my life wasn't going great. I was on the other side of the world in a very unhappy relationship and knew virtually no one in New Zealand that I could turn to for help. My then partner went away with his friends for a long weekend. Even the cat, Basil, went out. I was alone, sad and desperate. I rang The Samaritans. Ironically, they were closed for the weekend! It was too expensive to phone my family in England and even if I had, I didn't know what to say and there was nothing they could do. Our friends weren't mine, they were his and anyway, they had all gone away with him.  I didn't even know the neighbours. 

There was no one I could turn to. It was at that point sitting in my lounge, feeling I had nothing else to lose, I looked up to the ceiling and beyond and said out loud 

" Please Help Me. I don't know what to do. Please. Help me."  In a moment I had the feeling of warmth and of being wrapped in love and a sense of immense support.  

A while later after a big cry I felt compelled to " give myself a treat".  For me to leave the house alone was huge.  My self confidence was at an all time low and my anxiety levels were through the roof. Mental abuse does that to you. I went to the video shop and rented a favourite movie "The Three Amigos" and treated myself to fish and chips.  Sitting there all alone - the cat was still out - a few hours later, I realised that I had just had the best night I'd had in years and the best laugh in a very long time. As the credits rolled I remember looking at the clock on the mantelpiece. 

The hands on the face read 9.00 pm. The cat came in.  I knew that my life had changed and there was no going back." 

Bach Flower Practinoner

I genuinely know what it is like to feel fear, apprehension, a lack of self confidence; indecision; low self esteem; a fear of change; anxiety; to name but a few!  I chose to challenge the hand that fate dealt and to look upon adversity as opportunity and by doing so I have become the person I so desperately wanted to be. The opposite of everything that I had become.  I am now happy and confident living in my own skin. I know who I am and why I had to go through such a hard learning curve and I am now out the other side!  Part of my learning is to help others help themselves. I trained as a English Bach Flower Practitioner ( if you don't know what Bach Flowers are most people have heard of Rescue Remedy - this is a blended combination of five Bach Flowers commonly used for shock or panic attacks). With the help of my guides I have found a new way of blending English Bach Flowers and have renamed my blends Novo Essences. Easy and safe to use these essences can help you face the world and regain your true sense of self and spirit by gently replacing your fears, worries and sadness with conquering anxiety, building your confidence, giving you clarity and welcoming change. My essences also help you heal faster after illness or surgery. Great for children and animals too!

Eunice has trained and worked patiently and with accountability for over 25 years with Spirit giving equal time to day to day living and Spiritual practices. Her primary gifts are telepathic channelling, clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. With a background in performing Eunice enjoys live appearances with the opportunity to convey on behalf of spirit, practical messages of understanding, support, optimism and self care.

As an experienced teacher her development circles and workshops have proved very popular. Eunice also offers private and group readings and is a professional Bach Flower Practitioner and Reiki therapist. She lives in Auckland New Zealand.


I have worked with Spirit for many years in my own way and I asked my Guides to bring a person into my life from whom I could learn structure and advance my personal learning and experiences, so that I could help Spirit pass on their messages to more people who need help in the form of Higher Guidance and to bring them comfort from their loved ones through Mediumship.

I met Eunice and here we are!